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Make your dog feel as special as they make you feel.

A Hound Haus box contains all of your doggie essentials; treats, food, toys, accessories as well as training and health tips. Your purchase also goes towards providing support a homeless or struggling dog owner.
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  • Healthy treats and chews for a balanced diet
  • Free delivery
  • Tried and tested, paw-picked toys
  • Prices start from just £12.00 a box
  • Cancel or change your subscription at any time
  • Gift a box or subscription to a friend
  • Your purchase helps give a box to a homeless dog and owner
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Supporting Homeless Dog Owners

The Hound Haus not only provides tasty treat boxes for you and your dog, but we also provide special boxes full of dog essentials to homeless or struggling dog owners. We think that supporting people to be able to provide for their dogs helps the owners and the dogs, and therefore reduces the demands on animal shelters.

There are some negative responses around homeless people taking on dogs, as they are not thought to be in a stable condition to look after the animal. However homelessness is not a choice and there are hundreds of situations that can lead to someone being made homeless. In some cases people have lost everything but have kept their loyal pet with them throughout the ordeal. Separating a dog and its owner is very stressful, not only for the owner, but for the dog too, as strong bonds can be made, especially in testing situations.

Homelessness is also a very isolating and scary situation to find yourself in and having a dog can not only be a means of comfort, but also great friendship and security.

homeless dog projectWe provide free support boxes to ensure the dogs are being looked after well; they contain a selection of food, blankets, coats, leads, grooming essentials, worming and flea information and products as well as treats, chews and toys to keep the dogs tails wagging. The packs are distributed through our Helping Hounds project where dog owners are also given vet advice and referral opportunities, mental health support and advice on housing and work options available to them.

There are hundreds of worthwhile causes supporting animal shelters, rescue and shelter staff and the dogs themselves in a bid to ease the problem. The Hound Haus aims to help dogs and struggling owners before the drastic last resort of giving a dog away. This means that hopefully dogs can avoid ending up in an animal shelter and although for some this leads to a happy new home, for many it can unfortunately mean the end.

Helping Homeless dogs1Our support boxes not only mean that the dog can be provided for, but can also relieve a considerable amount of stress from both the dog and its owner’s lives. In demanding financial situations knowing their dog is being cared for can make a big difference.

As well as being a huge positive impact, owning a dog can also be a barrier for homeless or struggling owners. There are only a handful of shelters and projects that accept dogs across the UK, these are also the places that most other information is accessible for the owners. Information on housing and work options as well as health and wellbeing advice is often missed by the owners not access the services; through The Helping Hounds project we are bringing these services and awareness to them, and their dogs in the hope that they will take full advantage of them.

All dogs deserve the best. They love us unconditionally, so we want our dog treat boxes to bring smiles to your faces and wags to their tails.
We add convenience to dog owners lives, delivering everything to your door in an easy monthly package.

We add variety to dog’s lives by supplying a range of healthy treats and toys for them to enjoy.

We aim to help dogs and see they are taken care of; so hopefully they don’t end up separated from their owners in shelters.

We provide the best quality goods for you and your dog to enjoy. We offer a wide selection of tried and tested dog products to ensure Hound Haus dogs are stimulated and happy customers.

We also give something back to dogs less fortunate; we provide a special dog box to a homeless or struggling dog owner for their dog to enjoy.

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